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As we open the doors to Pillar Physical Therapy, we are excited to have the honor of meeting and working with each and every one of you.  Our dream has been to have a clinic on South Whidbey and be a part of our amazing community.   Doctor Jeremy Cornwell has been a Physical Therapist since 2008, and in the field since 2002.  Our family is dedicated to this community, to wellness and a lot of happy.  We look forward meeting you all! Welcome to Pillar PT!

Jana S.

"This place is a God send.  Over many decades I have injured  and re-injured my body.  The amount of :"make-do" I have done and therapies to me upright and mobile is quite astounding.  Because I have injured my left shoulder (I am left handed and play instruments), I have had almost 100% recovery in also gaining mobility there.   I am so grateful that instead of  less mobility, I am on the recovery path to gain more strength, flexibility and mobility!  I thank Jeremy for his knowledge and expertise and Brooke for her support, caring heart and keeping it all together on the schedule.  Learned a lot and look forward to my visits.


"I just had my first appt. with Jeremy & was tremendously impressed with him. He picked up on exactly what I needed immediately and put aspects of my problems together in a way that had not happened before."

Bill R.

"I began a series of PT sessions with Jeremy when Pillar Physical Therapy first opened. He is an excellent therapist who analyzed my back pain/sciatica symptoms and structured an effective treatment plan. Jeremy is personable and a good listener. His wife Brooke manages the office administration and is the good natured and welcoming greeter when you arrive. Pillar Physical Therapy is a much needed addition to our healthcare services in South Whidbey."

Thank you for trusting Pillar Physical Therapy with your care.  If you would like to leave a can do so here.

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